Porn: End the demand! End the supply!

End the demand! End the Supply!

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We see prostitution as violence against women, and we see pornography as a part of the continuum of prostitution.  People often try to separate pornography from prostitution but the only difference is that one is being done in front of a camera. The very act of a man having unlimited access to women’s bodies as sexual commodities is oppressive to all women.

The word pornography derives from the latin word “Porno” meaning scarlett or whore and “graphos” meaning the writing of, thus “The writing of whores” even the origin of the word itself is degrading, oppressive and exploitive. 

“Modern day pornography” is not what your mother and father grew up with! The acts of sexualized violence, gang rape, child pornography (as well as legal child porn “Tween, barely legal, incest scenes etc”) degrading violent acts, hardcore porn, are all a part of main stream pornography and are easily accessible and most of the time free through internet access.

One of the most frustrating things with “Modern day Porn” is that it has gone Viral, and as an activist with out extensive knowledge of computer technology and hacking abilities it is nearly impossible to infiltrate the online exploitation that is pornography. So we are faced with a reality that the only way we can end the local production and sale of pornography is through educating men and stopping the demand and through direct action against local stores who supply pornography and the men who purchase it.



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Non-violent direct action includes property destruction.

Take action against your local porn shop!

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Feel like taking action in Vancouver? Want to get involved in our campaign? Send us an e-mail at

Are you from out of town but still want to organize an action against a porn shop in your hood?!?  Please contact us with your ideas, we have connections with anti-porn activists across north America who would love to connect with you!